Top 5 Ways to Feed Your Inner Adrenaline Junkie

Join Jacob Carlson as he celebrates one year on YouTube by popping his sky diving cherry, or check out Clair Marie (AKA BASE Girl) as she leaps from China's famous glass on the Tianmen Mountain. You can also watch from steady ground as Stephen Lam and friends climb the Helmcken Falls, currently the hardest mixed-route ice and rock climb in the known world. Or join Karl Watson as he takes an ultralight plane through the skies near the Himalayas of Nepal. Lastly, suit up as Jarno Cordia takes a team of wingsuit professionals to perform ariel routines that'll make your head spin!

After watching the countdown of our favorite thrilling moments, don't forget to follow their adventures below:

#5 - Jacob Carlson

#4 - Clair Marie/BASE girl:

#3 - Stephen Lam/Standing in Motion:

#2 - Karl Watson:

#1 - Jarno Cordia:

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