The Beat of New York

Director of photography Thomas Nösner went to New York on behalf of Stereoscreen, a production company based out of Duisburg, Germany, and returned with electric and engaging footage of the American metropolis.

When Tim Hahne, part owner of the company, took a look at the footage, he was immediately attracted to the image of a drummer in the Subway station. With this image at the heart of the video, Tim came up with the idea of creating a “remix” of the city. Thus, “The Beat of New York” was born.

Tim edited the footage together through a combination of music, ambiance and rhythm to capture the city’s character and creative vibe. Ultimately, the remix encapsulates the craziness, speed, warmth and the capability to thrive as an individual in New York. The film is so spot on about the city, that it was used in the title sequence of “World War Z.”

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