How to Get Fried with Rome and Dirty Heads

Turn on some 90s ska or reggae rock and you might just hear Sublime. Even better is you might just see them as well. The band, with Rome and Dirty Heads, is headed out on the road this summer for a comeback tour. And like any grownup who isn't quite a real grownup yet, they still show up to work on Mondays—albeit under the duress of hangovers—chilling for a bit over some homegrown fixings and mixed drinks.  

Hang with them and Michael Schneider, chef of Plan Check in Los Angeles, as they fix up some of their favorite meals. Jared and Duddy hit the grill to make Southern Fry sandwiches and Stuffed Mushrooms under Chef Schneider's watchful eye. And, if you're not the cooking type, find your way to Plan Check for similar comfort food and potent sips.

Psssst ... You a 90s ska junkie? Score tickets here.


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