Çağrı Kara & Sherry Spencer


Çağrı Kara grew up in Istanbul, Turkey. He earned a B.A. of Fine Arts and Graphic Design in 2012 at Kocaeli University, where he became heavily involved in photography and film, and directed four short films. After graduating, he started work as an art director at DDB’s Istanbul office. In 2013, he became a freelancer and worked with many well-known creative directors and advertising agencies. He has worked on campaigns for major brands including Coca-Cola, HSBC Bank, Audi, Lamborghini, CNN, Fox, and Leffe. He is still actively involved in photography and film direction. Sherry Spencer grew up in Los Angeles, California. For over two decades, she has been a retoucher and composite artist, working in the fields of entertainment advertising, photography and conventional advertising. She has worked on many well-known film campaigns and movie posters. Before getting her B.A. at UCLA in 2008, she also studied video editing. For many years she was also in bands as a singer, a 60’s go-go dancer and a bellydancer, haunting L.A.’s 90’s club scene and touring the U.S. and Europe.

Istanbul, Turkey